Meet the Team

Here at ARCUS AI, we have built a team of people with expertise in their respective fields, but equally with a customer driven mindset and with the core values of our product in mind. Everybody contributes to the product, which is what makes it so great.

Yana Klimovich

Kay Rohde

Zachary Ruoff

Jermain Reid

Dimitry Umerenkov

Andrei Malyshev

Norbert Op 't Land

Salim Weigel

Wilko v. Pelchrzim

Pavel Koltashev

Damian Weber

Christian Schlichtherle

Christian Durlej

Work with us

At ARCUS AI, we believe in the power of data.

Data is already available around us, but how do you extract it and make it actionable? We believe that more actionable data allows for insights into customer behaviour, identifying business opportunities, and trends – all this, seamlessly integrated.

Our mission, not by accident, also aligns with our culture.

One of open communication, learning from each other and helping another grow. With 14 people from seven different nationalities, diversity – just like data – is of the utmost importance.

We are currently looking for: