Our Solution

LIVIΛ enables every screen, store, shop, parking lot, restaurant, pharmacy, airport and many more to get AI ready and generate valuable first-party data from the physical world.

Reaching target groups directly at the point of sale.​

A person enters a shop
LIVIΛ classifies the person​
LIVIΛ plays a group- targeted ad​
LIVIΛ detects 
the persons purchase
Management receives an actionable live report
A person enters a shop
LIVIΛ classifies the person​
LIVIΛ plays a
group- targeted ad​
LIVIΛ detects 
the persons purchase
Management receives an actionable live report

The Magic Box

We know the word ‘magical’ might sound over the top, but it has all the signs of harnessing just that. Powerful edge-computing and built in AI sensor technology, all while meeting GDPR-compliancy requirements. Additionaly supported by AI-driven software.

Let’s get into the finer details, shall we?

Data-privacy by design

Designing our solution and hosting it in Germany is one thing, but we wanted absolute certainty with regards to personal data. Because of that, we developed our solution to not capture any personally identifiable data. In the end, what’s needed is to have key metrics that are relevant. Knowing who you are is not only unethical, it isn’t necessary to have actionable insights.

Plug & Play

What good is a solution if it has market leading technology, but is hard to use or frustrating to install? We designed LIVIΛ to be truly Plug & Play, with just two wires to connect and our out of the box ready platform.

Enhanced Sences.

The thing that makes LIVIΛ more than just a processor of information, is the ability to add sensors as an additional layer of data, further enriching the information upon which you can act.

Conversion Module

One of the key ways we are able to measure marketing activities online, is the ability to track conversions and detect, if products have been taken from a shelf. This allows for every stage of a sales funnel to be filled with data. Now, with LIVIΛ, you can do the same in real life.

Optical Sensor

With this sensor we are able to provide actionable insights on your audience, without ever tracking or storing personally identifiable data. This allows for target group feedback on content, deeper insights per level of a sales funnel, and targeted advertising.

The possibilities
don’t end there.​

Even without any further add-ons, the built-in AI allows for integrating various data streams and expanding the utility of the device and our easy to use software.

Media Player

A key advantage of LIVIΛ is the ability to play your own media files with limitless planning possibilities. It in turn allows you to plan ads, build in programmatic triggers and A/B test your content.
In an instance and in the real world.

Stock level tracking

Product out of stock? Now you know.

Not only does the conversion module complete the offline conversion cycle, but provides live updates on in-store shelf levels and their performance.

First party data gathering

If you have your own display network, it can also be very useful to use the customer insights to sell this data back to the producers of goods you might sell.

Have LIVIΛ help you increase your leverage towards these producers or simply to optimize your space.

And so much more...

As our solution is still new, we’d love to hear from you about any on-location challenges you’re facing, to see how we can support you based on our modular building blocks.

Leveraged AI, made simple

LIVIΛ is the first truly integrated combination of Content Management System, Inventory Management System and AI-enabled analytics platform for every screen and camera. Automate data-driven campaigns and improve the analysis and understanding of your customers needs.

Holistic analytics

Connect all your relevant data sources and see what’s happening, when and where – offline and online.
Optimise your customer segmentations, identify trends and reach out to targetable audiences – all of this, combined in one solution.

LIVIΛ enables for data-driven decisions and recommendations in the real world.

Creativites for the 
real world

LIVIΛ connects you with your target audience in just a few steps. Your creativity is no longer built on to asumptions, they’re bound by your own first-party data.

Our solution allows for you to better connect to your audience, creating better content in the process. Afterwards, use these learnings to directly integrate with your other channels.

One roof for all your devices

Bringing together hardware technology with all of digital merrits, LIVIA Inventory makes asset management easy, regardless the size of your library.

Available capacities for your locations? Health status of your displays?

Suggestions on how you can optimize your capacity?

LIVIΛ knows exactly that.

Security & Safety​

Since we’re so adamant about the safety of our solution, and how it’s built up from the ground with privacy in mind, we’d like to go into the specifics about how we keep our solution safe.

Edge processing

At the core, this part of the solution allows us to do computations on site, without the need to transfer any data for extracting information elsewhere, taking out a key security risk in current audience analytics solutions.

No pictures please

All sensors we develop also have their own privacy-by-design element, in the way that we built our solution in such a way that we can deliver the metrics you need, while simultaneously designing for instance our sensors that they are simply not able to capture personally identifaible data.

GDPR compliancy

Last but certainly not least is our GDPR certification of the hosting and security of your metrics, all the while hosting your data in Germany.

Start your AI journey now.

LIVIΛ offers a quick and easy solution to utilise AI-technology with modular, GDPR compliant and easy to deploy hardware modules.